Re: Duluth 1905

Tim O'Connor

Look at the loading dock on the side of the building
behind the reefers -- have you ever seen anything like
that? It slopes down to the ground, radially, and appears
to be made from wood planks. Bizarre!

George Sellios should have modeled 1895-1905. It appears to
be exactly right for his structures.

Tim O'Connor

At 10/3/2009 05:24 PM Saturday, you wrote:
Take a look at that fleet of Armour reefers, Courtesy of Northern Pacific list. Is that a young Mike Brock playing in the yard? Bill Welsh, which Fruit Growers class did these Armour reefers become?

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

Here is a link to a fabulous shot of Duluth in 1905, with lots of NP
boxcars (including a 36-ft with the steel fishbelly sideframe), and a
variety of other cars, including a VERY swaybacked gondola!


Chuck Soule

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