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While not an actual member of the FFC, I must be one based on what I've seen here; I have upwards of 75 Sunshine kits (most still in kit form like everyone else), and want more, but funding is low at the moment.

Since I cannot make this meet in Naperville (keeping my record spotless), I will have to attend in spirit only.

Brian Ehni

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On Oct 12, 2009, at 12:30 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

As far as I know, FFC T-shirts were Tony's idea and he made them and
sold them to us. Anyone who goes to Naperville, buys resin kits and
builds them, and loves railroad freight cars, is a member of the FFC!
I don't know of any other qualifications needed. :-)
Tim is quite right. The FFC had its beginnings at a back yard BBQ at
Tony Thompson's home during the 1990 Pittsburgh NMRA convention. We
all got shirts at that event, and other shirts of different colors
were produced at intervals in the 1990s, but there were no dues,
officers, or organizational paraphernalia of any kind (intentionally
in contrast to all the NMRA rigmarole). At a number of subsequent
events, including some early Naperville seminars, there were no-host
FFC dinnners, but those became increasingly large and unwieldy and
came to a halt after one occasion when many who said they were coming
to dinner didn't and the FFC planners ended up with a big bill for a
restaurant minimum which wasn't met (and which Al Hoffman generously
covered). Today, FFC remains alive in concept, but has no more
organizational substance than it ever had. However, those who belong
to FFC in spirit (and you all know who you are) seem like an
appropriate group to present a plaque of appreciation to the Loftons
for their sponsorship of 16 annual Naperville prototype modelers'
seminars, so that's what's afoot and why all who have FFC shirts are
being asked to bring them to Naperville this year.

Richard Hendrickson

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