Re: Conductors Train Book, Fitz, Sept - Oct, 1938

Richard Hendrickson

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Is there any other information about the CDLX cars, e.g.,
car type, car number?
Hi Rod

All of the CDLX cars were of type "T" (tank), and all were
westbound empties with destination "SP". They were on four
separate trains with dates 10/9/1938, 10/14/1938, 10/17/1938 (two
cars, together), and 10/21/1938. In date order, the car numbers
were 844, 181, 887, 123, and 846.
According to the 10/38 ORER:
CDLX 123 was an 8,000 gal. ARA III in the 116-126 series.
CDLX 181 was an 8,000 gal. ICC-103 in the 178-200 series, built by
AC&F to the Type 27 design in 1930.
CDLX 844, 846, and 887 were 8,000 gal. insulated ARA IV in the
825-896 series.

California Despatch Line was in the business of shipping bulk wine
even before prohibition, and continued to do so after prohibition
ended in 1933. However, most of the insulated glass-lined (and
mostly but not entirely multiple compartment) cars designed
specifically for this service were delivered in 1940 and later. Most
of the CDLX insulated cars on the roster in the 1930s were in asphalt
service, and it is likely that the cars in the 825-896 series were
used for asphalt or other petroleum product loading.

Richard Hendrickson

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