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Schuyler Larrabee

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Subject: [STMFC] Those Pesky Offset Twin hoppers
In writing about Offset Twin Hoppers, Bill wrote in part:

What really bugs me is that model companies do not see the
possibilities if they would adopt a modular approach to what they are
Thanks, Bill, for a nice intro to talking about the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society's latest run
of XM cars suitable for the STMFC era. Readers with an reasonable attention span will recall that I
posted here when we (the ELHS) released the later paint scheme applied to these 1950 cars in 1955.
We have now released the original paint scheme from 1950. The difference is that the original,1950,
scheme had the word "LACKAWANNA" in small lettering over the slogan "The Route of Phoebe Snow" on
the right end of the side. The 1955 version has a billboard "LACKAWANNA," much larger lettering, on
the left side of the door, with the same "Route of Phoebe Snow" to the right of the door.

The relevance of Bill's note is that the combinations of roof, sides and ends utilized by
Intermountain in producing this car are correct, and had not been previously combined by
Intermountain in any of their commercial kits to date. This is a great example of combining modular
mold parts. This combination potential was noted by some Society members, and we were able to work
with IM to get this project done.(I will say that while IM comes in for its share of criticism on
these pages, they were good to work with; this project took several iterations of samples of the
lettering to reach perfection.)

When I announced the 1955 version of these cars, there were a few that said they were interested,
but that 1955 was too late for their purposes. I wanted to let those who can use a car, 1950 and
later, know that these are available.

You can find these at The photo shows both the 1955 and 1950 versions.


Schuyler Larrabee
Erie Lackawanna Historical Society
Board Member and Past Chairman

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