P&R decal help

Eric Hansmann


I'm starting to build an HO scale F&C Reading GHc/GHd gondola and am not sure if the decals are
appropriate for 1926. Here's the finished image from the F&C site:

I have Al Westerfield's AC&F DVD and found a builders image of a GHc with the original
Philadelphia & Reading lettering, which is not he same as the lettering shown on the linked
image. When did the P&R lettering change to Reading?

Are there sources for P&R gondola lettering/decals? I checked Art Griffin and Clover House, but
found only P&R box cars. Westerfield has P&R decals for the USRA mill gon. Using parts of two
or three of these may finish the job.

Any other suggestions?


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Starting over in a new house:

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