Journal Packing of Private Owner Cars

Rod Miller

We are all familiar with the photo of the
man squirting oil into journal boxes as the
car rolled down the hump. Is that how
journals were maintained towards the end
of the steam era? If so, then that process
(squirting oil) would seem to cover all cars
regardless of ownership.

However, if in the above time frame, there was
a formal process for packing journals that
resulted in a lettering "record" being applied
to the car, how was that done for private owner

One thought is that the owner could contract
with (most likely) a railroad to have their
facilities pack the journals when the owner
wanted it done.

Apologies in advance if this has already been
discussed. I didn't look at more than a few of
the 1700 messages a search of the message
archive produced, and a google search didn't
turn up anything in the first few pages of



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