Re: Friends of the Freight Car Shirts

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Frederick Freitas says:

"Stop giving Mike & Jeff new ideas for Coco meet! Be careful of what you wish for, it may come to pass."

What do you MAY come to pass?

Tony Thompson says:

"RIchard went as far as having fake police badges made, saying
"Prototype Police," and with the slogan "To Serve and Correct."

Several yrs ago during Prototype Rails...actually at Merritt Island instead of Cocoa Beach because it was during a visit to my layout, I wandered over to Harriman and found Tony Thompson studying a car of mine...possibly an N&W hopper?. When I asked what he thought, he pulled out his Prototype Police badge and grinned. He DID say that Richard had an even better one.

Little tid bits like that are what makes RPM meets memorable, like the dinner on the aircraft carrier during the San Jose national...when Tony Thompson, Richard and their wives suspiciously left their seats at dinner just as the banquet speaker was beginning, saying..."When I was two years old I got my first train set". As Jon Miller will no doubt recall, I looked at Jon, he looked at me and with my wife, we headed for the door where I saw Richard and Tony vanish. This led to a gangplank to our bus and as we settled in our seats, I looked up toward the aircraft carrier to see literally hundreds of people streaming off the ship like doubt to the echo of..."and when I was three..."

Mike Brock

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