Richard Hendrickson

On Oct 13, 2009, at 3:29 PM, billkeene2004 wrote:

Hello Group,

I am at the beginning of an effort to scratch build at least six
MKT 47001-47500 series stock cars. I am in need of a source for 4/4
Dreadnaught ends for these cars that have an inside height of 8'-7".

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Bill, it sounds like the most obvious source for 4/4 square-cornered
Dreadnaught ends of that height might be a resin model of an ARA 1932
standard steel box car. Both Sunshine and Funaro & Camerlengo have
made such kits in the past, and if you could get (or borrow) even one
end, you could use it as a master to mold your own.

Richard Hendrickson

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