Re: HO "PFE" R-30-18 Kits

Andy Carlson

Fellow STMFC Listers;

I have talked again to Terry about supplying enough PFE R-30-18 kits to satisfy whatever demand we might have( with not too many, where I would be stuck with unwanted product). So, if I can get some commitments from you guys (no money- just # desired) I can order an exact amount from Terry. I will try to go to Santa Ana in the next 10 days, so we are looking at about a 2 week delivery. When I have the kits, I will notify you when and where to send payment.

So, if interested, let me know how many "kits" (these will come in some kind of packaging suitable for delivery, not to be confused with a contemporary kit box) you want @ $15.00 ea., postpaid. To all of you who have sent me requests for kits earlier, please re-order, for I have not kept any emails.

So, I will pick up as many kits as I get requests for prior to June 14, 2002.
Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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