Re: Those Pesky Offset Twin hoppers

cornbeltroute <cornbeltroute@...>

I looked all through my 1953 Car Builder's Cyc and I couldn't find anything that identified the "heap shields" by name <
The term maybe railroad specific as I have seen it used on equipment
diagrams for hopper cars. Some use the term "heap capacity" to describe
the additional capacity over a level load. The B&O used the term
"piling". <<
FWIW, earlier today while perusing a 1943 CBC, a drawing of an AAR Class HM 55-Ton all-steel twin hopper car presented by Enterprise Railway Equipment Co. carried, in part, this description:

"Cubic capacity, 2,139 cu. ft. level or 2,455 cu. ft. with 12 in. average heap."

(So, is this an Enterprise car design, I wonder, or an AAR car design with Enterprise's tag, since Enterprise hoppers and bolsters were used in the drawing? Or something else? . . .)


Brian Chapman
Evansdale, Iowa

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