Re: Friends of the Freight Car Shirts

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Denny Anspach (no doubt with tongue embedded in cheek) wrote:
. . . the Hawaiian shirts are pure Pierre Cardin, as it says clearly on the labels. If I am not mistaken, the FFC shirts are instead labeled something like Joe's Coney Island Tee Shirt & Boiler Shop.
Sirrah! I beg to differ with your frivolity on this matter. All the FOTFC shirts have been good quality cotton shirts from reputable labels for same such as Outer Banks. I can personally vouch for this because I dislike the "waffle weave" type of polo shirt and greatly prefer soft cotton knits, and have always specified same. And far from being tee shirts, they have collars and pockets.
Your disappointment at not having acquired a FOTFC shirt of your own can be remedied next time a batch of them is run <g>.

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