If you feel that the spring plank, spring group, lateral motion device detail and centered vertical web in the bolster end are important details, then check out Tony Thompson's SP Freight Cars book, vol. 4:Box Cars on pages 211, bottom, 226 bottom, 227 top or 239 top. The truck under these cars is the next release from Tahoe Model Works. (in about two months, hopefully)

The side frame isn't an exact match, but it's probably the closest you will get with a TMW truck.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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Could someone please recommend the best
representation of a truck currently on the market for a Santa Fe RR-11
refrigerator car. The time period is the mid 40's.

I have several Sunshine Rr-5-9,11 kits in various stages of completion and always keep an eye out for the right trucks.

Currently, I have my eye on the Tahoe, Buckeye, ARA 50-ton trucks (TMW-106 or TMW-206) as the closest match...the bolster end needs a vertical member, and there is no lateral motion device, but the sideframe shape, spring pack, and spring plank all look pretty good to me.

-John Hile

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