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Steve: The Tichy car has the panels slightly different sizes rather
than all identical to move the slope sheet just a bit out from the
flanges. The Accurail panels are evenly spaced and the car looks nice
but cast on grabs. Tichy panel side cars have the advantage of a
detailed interior and both styles offer a choice of bracing styles.
Replacing the grabs on the Accurail gives a nice result but with a lot
of work and it still doesn't help the rather bland interior. I am
working on weathering a Tichy Wabash panel side just now. I like the
car myself.
They also model different prototypes.

The Tichy panel side cars have nice interiors, but because Tichy
decided to re-use the programing for the side stakes, his kit models
only the three original cars done by Union Metal products for the NYC.
The original product consisted of side sheets with the panels pressed
in, but flat edges, and were intended to be riveted to the existing
side stakes. Unfortunately, by the time the side sheets needed
replacement that stakes also had severe corrosion problems, and also
needed replacement.

The Accurail kit follows the improved product the Standard Railway
Equipment Co. (successor to Union Metal Products)introduced later.
These are described in the CBC as "panel sides with integral stakes",
and had the edge of each sheet formed into a channel section. In use,
the entire superstructure of the car was stripped to the underframe
and the slope sheets were renewed, then the new side panels were
riveted to both the frame and new bulb angle top chord. The seam
between the two channel sections was then welded inside and out,
unifying them into I section posts.

The original version meant to be riveted to the existing stakes
remained in the CBC for years, but I'm not sure there were many buyers.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.
Dennis: It's good to know these other distinctions because I hadn't
noticed them myself. I have several of each of yours and Tichy's and I
put down a lot of the differences in the models to just different
manufacturer's styles.
Stephan Parachuk

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