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Sometime ago I measured three UTLX tankcars built prior to WWII. One was a
100,000lb (10,036 gal) capacity insulated car built 8-14-1920. The second
insulated car was 10,032 gal and built 6-23.The uninsulated one was a
80,000lb capacity built 10-37. All three had different end walks.

Will someone pick and manufacture the most comman centerframe, say the X-3
6,000 gal car, the 8,000 gal car or the 10000 gal car? Or is there a chance
the centerframe will be similar to the Tichy tankcar frame and allow for
some modification? Has Tichy or Grandt Line or Detail West shown any
interest in creating such a centerframe? I'd be interested in buy a coulpe
dozen. I'd be just as interested in buying a couple dozen of the 5 vertical
band tank cars. Just thoughts, any comments?
Larry Sexton

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discussion by Richard Hendrikson about the need for UTLX tank cars prompts
Why couldn't one of the detail parts makers (ie, Detail Associates,
Tichy,New England Rail Service,etc)make a separate UTLX X-3 style
underframe in styrene that could be fitted to the several available tanks
with a center sill that would be cut to length to suit the particular
tank.This could result in accurate UTLX models without the investment in
die work needed for the whole car, especially the tank. AB or K brake
options could be provided too.The data needed is available in the Car
Builder's Cyc and on museum cars.
I would think the "prototype conscious" crowd would provide a customer
base for such a part, even if not for complete UTLX kits. Remember that
LR King

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