NYC/PRR ex CONRAIL, 4 bay hopperS in SC

Bob McCarthy

     Well here in IRMO, SC outside of Columbia, SC, we see hundreds of NYC hoppers like you mentioned each wek.  The CSX (former Columbia, Newberry, and Laurens RR).  Not kidding about the number.  Occasionally, they get parked in quantity on the siding that
leads to the power plant at the base of a huge power dam at LAKE MURRAY that belongs to South Carolina Electric and Gas.
   Anyway,if you would like images of these cars, I could supply.ithem when they are parked on the siding.  Will have to luck up to catch the random coal drag that comes through eight times a day going to North Charleston coal dock.  There must be a lot of coal being moved, because usually they have sold aluminum coal hopper trains about 120 cars long.  Then a solid train randomly appears with the same number of NYC/PRR exConrail hoppers.
    The other odd thing that appears here fairly regularly is a GE train that is outside the current interest of this group, but it sports an actual  caboose!  The GE plant in the upstate of South Carolina has been shipping turbines down this track since the early 1950's.  That may actually make this list.  This cargo is huge and actually has a feeler guage self powered car that procedes it as it has for the last 60 years.
Bob McCarthy
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Not meaning to start a lengthy thread...particulal y since the info is in
2009...but I will note that at about 6:30 PM today while watching an FEC frt
train roll by at a grade crossing, I was startled to see a 4 bay NYC
lettered open hopper roll by. The car had Conrail lettering on the side near
the end in relatively small lettering. Does it surprise anyone that this car
is still soldiering on at this stage in its life? Should I venture to that
crossing at 6:30 tomorrow in hopes of seeing an H3a N&W hopper...or a PFE

Mike Brock

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