Re: NYC/PRR ex CONRAIL, 4 bay hopperS in SC

Bruce Smith

Not meaning to start a lengthy thread...particulal y since the info is in
2009...but I will note that at about 6:30 PM today while watching an FEC frt
train roll by at a grade crossing, I was startled to see a 4 bay NYC
lettered open hopper roll by. The car had Conrail lettering on the side near
the end in relatively small lettering. Does it surprise anyone that this car
is still soldiering on at this stage in its life? Should I venture to that
crossing at 6:30 tomorrow in hopes of seeing an H3a N&W hopper...or a PFE

Mike Brock

The assets of Conrail were split between CSX and NS. Cars (and locos) going to CSX were lettered "NYC" while those going to NS were lettered "PRR". Enough to warm the heart of any STMFC lister, but alas, not a sign of previous ownership...


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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