Fashion Cotastrophe/Anxiety

Bill Welch

After being able to drive to the annual Naperville event for several years and not having to worry about what to pack, moving to Florida means flying and making sure I pack carefully in order to make sure I have room to bring back the usual booty of kits and photos.

Then I read that some of us are asked to bring our beautiful high quality "Friends of the Freight Car" shirts. This created incredible anxiety as I am also part of the "Hawaiian Shirt Crew" thanks to the generosity of Jim Singer who began including me in this honorable group by gifting me with two of these beautiful high quality shirts. I had been anguishing over which of these two shirts to bring when I was then suddenly confronted with making a decision about which FFC shirt to bring. Yes the reefer shirt seems natural for me but black coordinates with everything. (Must keep the fashionistas happy)

Of course to keep my "street cred," I need to bring at least one shirt from each elite group, OMG what to do?!

Now to make matters worse, I cannot find my reefer shirt, despite my best attempts to sort things as I packed and carefully labeling boxes. (I cannot yet find the power pack for my little drill either.)

Frankly, I am not so much worried about the prototype police as I am the fashion police. I am a basket case!

My suffering is only heightened by the fact that my long time favorite baseball team, the LA Dodgers are in the playoffs and the Phillies are very tough. I am hoping for a first ever "Freeway Series."

HELP. I am wondering if those of you that know me best might be willing to set up a phone tree to call me 2 or 3 times a day between now and October 29 to make sure I am okay.

Thanks for listening to my anguish. (Now I am worried about being in Mike Brock's doghouse.)

Bill Welch

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