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No good news here, Mark. Almost all of the USRA composite gondolas
were rebuilt or scrapped by the end of WW II. Minneapolis & St.
Louis had some refurbished ex-L&N cars, some of which lasted into the
early '50s, but only one of those was still listed in the 1/53 ORER.
I can't think of any other RRs that still had them in revenue
At one point I tried to find unmodified (or least modified) 40'
USRA cars still listed in the 1/53 ORER with composite sides.
Below are my notes...

ACL 99300-99443, 141 cars
GM&O 12200-12374 most w/solid floors, 170 cars
L&N 73000-74999, 19 cars
SLSF 85000-85999 solid floors?, 358 cars
You're right , John, I'd forgotten that both ACL and Frisco still had
significant numbers of original USRA gons in '53. Though I would add
that those cars were rapidly being retired by that time and were
almost entirely gone by 1/55. Also, the few that were left were
probably used only in company service and not interchanged off-line.

Richard Hendrickson

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