Re: Fashion Cotastrophe/Anxiety

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Bill Welch notes:

My suffering is only heightened by the fact that my long time
favorite baseball team, the LA Dodgers are in the playoffs and the
Phillies are very tough. I am hoping for a first ever "Freeway Series."
Dodgers? Good grief. No, no, this does not mean that baseball is an approved subject for the STMFC.

Thanks for listening to my anguish. (Now I am worried about being in
Mike Brock's doghouse.)
The only real problem you and perhaps John Stokes and Joel Norman might have...not to mention the hundreds of innocent attendees at Cocoa that Prototype Rails has been considering coming up with a lettered shirt for the 2010. The good news is that at the rate of our progress, it will be properly lettered for the 2020 meet.

But...regardless...for whatever reasons, the generation of a shirt or hat carries with it a tradition sometimes which associates with an important perhaps Dow 10,000. Certainly the Friends of the Freight Car dinner is one, it being synonymous with the development of RPM meets including Naperville and Prototype Rails.

Mike Brock

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