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These trucks sounds very interesting to me, however, I do not have Vol. 4 of the SP Frt Car Series. I do have Vols. 1 and 3...are the trucks featured in either of these books?


-John Hile

In vol.1 on gondolas, see page 97 bottom. Its the right hand truck under the G-50-10. The truck on the left has the same sideframe but an older bolster.

The prototypes I'm working from were replacement trucks for older Bettendorf T-section and maybe Vulcan trucks, using new sideframes but keeping as much as possible of the old truck parts (bolster, Barber Lateral Motion Device, springs, spring plank, etc.) One real truck I've looked at is at the Western Pacific RR Museum in Portola, CA, and has sideframes cast in 1942 for Union Pacific. Closer to home at the Nevada State RR Museum here in Carson City are a pair of Southern Pacific trucks, whose sideframes were cast in 1948 or '49. All these sideframes are almost totally identical.

Very similar trucks were made for SP in the late 20s for their F-50-12 flatcars--see vol.3, page 220.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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