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No right angle drills needed. Just long drill bits ( 4 1/2 inches long ) made out of .020" music ( piano ) wire or larger. The music wire is sharpened via grinding at one end creating a point or flat surface to do the drilling. ( old woodwooding working trick ) Chuck the music wire bit in a variable speed Dremel and on the lowest speed possible drill the holes needed. I drill all holes for the train line with this type of homemade drill bit. SAFETY CAUTION --- You need to hold the music wire flat ( keep the wire bit straight ) when first starting the Dremel tool or the wire will bend at the collet and will spin in large circle causing possible damage to your hand or model.

Lester Breuer

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Now that we've all voiced our opinions on how to clamp resin kits, how
does one drill through the center frame and crossmembers to put the brake
rigging on? I can't find any small (enough) right angle drills.
Thanks in advance,
Chuck Hladik
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