Re: Athearn Blue Box kits discontinued

Brian Carlson

Ignoring the first parts of the message about business practice which are
out of line here. I like many others started with Athearn Blue box kits as
well as MDC, Front range, etc. In Buffalo we have 4 train oriented hobby
shops, only continues to stock blue box kits. Unfortunately or fortunately
depending on your point of view the blue box kits applicable to this steam
era list have been largely superseded by Branchline, IM, Red caboose, kadee
etc. The flaws of blue box kits are many, between crude detailing, door
claws, poor brake components, and the propensity for Athearn to paint them
in any scheme they thought up, prototype be danged. I have long purged my
home layout of Athearn blue box kits, except for one PRR H31 stand in.

Young modelers will still be able to purchase Branchline yardmaster kits,
Bowser, and Accurail kits to experience kit building before moving onto more
advanced models. As for Athearn parts, they will continue sell the blue box
kits built up so parts should be available. Although I am not sure why
Athearn brakewheels and roofwalks would be desired parts since much better
detailed after-market parts are available. I will miss them from a
sentimental standpoint, but that is all.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY

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The very reason these items sold well was because of their simplicity and
the comfort of having a cheap starting point to begin hacking away. It takes
"cajones grande" to started chopping up a $$$ Kadee car or Branchline
sleeper as a neophyte. Frankly, if they just sold the undec shell they'd
probably do better. How many of us use Athearn trucks? Brakewheels?
Roofwalks? I hope someone buys the molds and keeps a trickle coming out.
Might be enough to keep a small concern going with a hand full of employees.

Enough. Time to start hoarding.


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