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Enough. Time to start hoarding.

Interesting rant, but I don't think you'll get much sympathy on this list. I will admit to running lots of "blue box" Athearn kits as a kid, but I last bought one about twenty years ago. All the relevant steam era models from Athearn have long since been replaced by new injection molded or resin kits.

Although I appreciate Irv Athearn's contributions to the hobby, and have many fond memories of slapping those kits together, I don't think model railroading will dry up and blow away because they aren't available. I think Accurail has replaced Athearn in the market for those who want a relatively inexpensive, easy to assemble kit. And they are made in the USA as well.

As for the loss of kitbash fodder, the craftsmen (and women) of today are as likely to assemble a resin kit, or scratchbuild the masters for a kit, as they are to spend hours hacking apart an Athearn boxcar and still end up with a compromised model.

Just my two cents.

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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