Re: USRA composite gondolas (long, but illuminating)

Ray Breyer

Ray Breyer wrote:
Wabash 13000-13249, 243 cars, LIKELY clones, WITH
composite sides.
Ray those Wabash cars were World War II
War Emergency gondolas.

Thanks for the information Tim. I'll pull them off my list. I knew that the Wabash had WE gons, but wasn't sure of the numbers.

Wabash did own some near copies of USRA gondolas but they
had fishbelly underframes
Tim O'Connor
I have a photo of one of those cars, and didn't include that series in my list; they weren't close enough! (if I had included those cars I'd have included the closer Rock Island cars, and then the list would have just been of all composite gons...which would be a worthy exercise too!)

Ray Breyer

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