Athearn Blue Box kit usefulness

Bill Welch

I would take exception that none of the Blue Box Athearn offerings are useful anymore. Their panel side twin hopper, probably intended to represent the USRA twin but because it was designed to fit one mold base, does not, is a pretty good representation of a steel hooper owned by the Southern to the tune of 5000 cars. Aside from the usual cast on grabs, there is a flange across the bottom sill of the side. Otherwise it fits the height and length of these cars nicely

Their offset twin hopper does come with angled heap shields and is the only example of this offered in 1/87th. One more reason for a more modern approach to these cars.

Then there is their 40 foot steel boxcar. While I know some modelers prefer their gondola as a source for rivets, I prefer the boxcar for harvesting rivets. I need to check w/my hobby shop and double or triple my order for some more undecs!

Bill Welch

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