Re: heavy duty flat was Athearn Blue Box kits discontinued

Brian Carlson

FWIW Railworks did the Pennsy version of this car about ten years ago.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY

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Bruce Smith wrote:
It was actually a GSC "kit" that a number of railroads including
C&NW, PRR and IRRC, SP purchased and assembled. However, the
Athearn car is fundamentally flawed with a body that is far to tall,
requiring major surgery to create a realistic car. This is one car
that screams for a resin/etch metal version (etched metal for the
Full agreement. The Athearn span bolster is immensely thick, and
thinning it about 80 per cent (or making a new styrene piece) is the
first essential step to keep the body from riding many feet above the
trucks (or at least that's how it looks). I sincerely doubt the C&NW
or anyone else's car was remotely that high. But more difficult is
fixing the body thickness itself, as Bruce says. You'd have to saw off
the deck, sand down the body and re-install the deck--and again, as
Bruce says, the deck is no prize anyway.
If you thin the span bolster sufficiently, the car can be a
stand-in, but no more. BTW, I think Erie was also among those buying
the GSC kit for home shop assembly.

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