Missing Links

Bill Welch

For those of us modeling RR's east of the Mississippi River, I suggest the following in styrene.

The most numerous wood sheathed MDT reefer (I think it is classified as the Type 4 by Roger Hinman)

The ubiquitous AAR standard offset hopper done in a way that permits production of the various ends and sides.

The PRR K8 stock car with ends permitting the L&N and I believe ACL versions (I have not unpacked all of my photo albums but I know at least two railroads duplicated the Pennsy's Pratt truss stock car side configuration)

InterMountain do the Insulated Tank for their ACF Type 27 Underframe.

Someone offer photo-etched dome platforms for the ACF Type 27 8K and decals for the cars with these platforms.

I echo the desire for UTLX and GATC tank cars

Bill Welch

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