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          Pat Harris in Atlanta has started a group to address the modeler's most requested items to be sent to interested manufacturers. The group is;; it is inteded to be a forum that can be sent to the indiviual manufacturer for specific items. With this, we may resolve the "missing links" issues by bringing them to the attention of the right folks. Can't hurt to try.
Fred Freitas

--- On Thu, 10/22/09, Bill Welch <> wrote:

From: Bill Welch <>
Subject: [STMFC] Missing Links
Date: Thursday, October 22, 2009, 11:32 AM


For those of us modeling RR's east of the Mississippi River, I
suggest the following in styrene.

The most numerous wood sheathed MDT reefer (I think it is classified
as the Type 4 by Roger Hinman)

The ubiquitous AAR standard offset hopper done in a way that permits
production of the various ends and sides.

The PRR K8 stock car with ends permitting the L&N and I believe ACL
versions (I have not unpacked all of my photo albums but I know at
least two railroads duplicated the Pennsy's Pratt truss stock car
side configuration)

InterMountain do the Insulated Tank for their ACF Type 27 Underframe.

Someone offer photo-etched dome platforms for the ACF Type 27 8K and
decals for the cars with these platforms.

I echo the desire for UTLX and GATC tank cars

Bill Welch

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