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Armand Premo

Gang,I kind of suspected that there would be a regional influence for nominees.While offset hoppers seem to dominate the interest of eastern aficionados ,there are still many other types of hoppers that are totally missing from the scene.I will attempt to collate the choices and put it to a vote.While hoppers seem to be of only marginal interest to western prototype modelers some other cars appear to have a more uniform appeal.Armand Premo

Subject: [STMFC] Re: Missing links

Tony, a big ditto here!

I dearly would like to have several prewar SP flat cars. Good
examples would be something like the F-50-9 and F-50-13 which
were very distinct from each other and both classes lasted past
1960. SP used to run long cuts of empty flat cars back to Oregon.
I've seen it in photos and even in Hollywood movies!

Tim O'Connor

>3. I make it no. 3 only out of humility: the Harriman flat car with
>straight side sills, either the 40-foot or 50-foot version (if we had
>forties, we could kitbash the fifty-footers).
>Tony Thompson


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