46 ft. Flatcars?

Q1xamacarthur1 <Q1xaMacArthur1@...>

I have a question on 46 ft. flatcars, they seem to be a rare and unusual

So far while looking in a 1940 CBC I found only two in that issue.
On page 205 has figure 194 a picture of L&N 24560 a fishbelly
sided flattop one built 6-30.

Figure 192 is a plan for a CP car with straight side sills.
With no picture I wonder what number series these were.

I am working on several models in S scale that are this length.

Anyone know of any other roads that used this size?

I know the B&O did not have any this size and the NYC diagram book has
The PRR Flat car book has none also.
Edwin C. Kirstatter.
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