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Armand Premo

Elden,While there are many "missing links" some of the nominees are relatively rare or are examples of regional bias.I was hoping,as a group, we could come up with a list of cars represented by either large numbers or with more universal appeal..Armand Premo.

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Thanks, Jim! That is a great idea, and if you would, when it gets to the
point of discussing WHAT cars, we should take a poll and be prepared to then

A) how many

B) what road(s)

C) what timeframe

D) what details would need to be created...

E) to mate with what kit

F) decal availability (they won't sell otherwise)

G) research and photo availability

What do you think?

Elden Gatwood

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This sounds like a reason for Martin to expand AND CATALOG more mini-kits.
In many cases he could also dispense with decals resulting in a minimum
investment for Sunshine. A few resin parts, a one page PDS/instruction sheet,
a plastic bag and a tag. Presto - he's offering the same type of product
available to armor & aircraft modelers. I'm going to mention it to Martin at
Naperville. All you other Napervillers should too.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

The method of taking a BL body kit and mating it with resin parts suitable
for a particular road's car has been done by Sunshine in their Uni-body
series, but as I understand it, could not be continued due to the issue of
having to buy large numbers of kits for a speculative future market.

Elden Gatwood


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