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Eldon, if we get a positive response from Martin, developing a list of
suggestions for Mini-Kits to do is a good idea. In addition to what we want,
we should also include a contact person for each suggestion.

A place to start might be looking at Sunshine discontinued kits. If we could
suggest something that would include parts from an existing mold to be used
with an existing plastic kit, we might be one step closer. After all, some
Mini-Kits are the old Unibody kits without the C&BT body.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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Thanks, Jim! That is a great idea, and if you would, when it gets to the
point of discussing WHAT cars, we should take a poll and be prepared to then

A) how many

B) what road(s)

C) what timeframe

D) what details would need to be created...

E) to mate with what kit

F) decal availability (they won't sell otherwise)

G) research and photo availability

What do you think?

Elden Gatwood

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