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David Sieber


Agree; I'd love to see Sunshine Mini-Kits of their old Uni-Body offerings, and others as well. Beyond modification kits for BL or IM 10ft6in IH cars, they could also consider mod kits for IMWX/RC & IM 10ft IH ARR boxcars.

However, it's not unlikely that Martin would hesitate to scale down on these cars since he's already invested in masters, castings, et al, to issue many of them as full kits at full price. See 64.20-22 for PRR X29c & 64.35-35 for 29b; 64.23-34 for ATSF Bx-32,33,36 & 64.37-48 for Bx-28,31; 64.52-53 for Wabash; 64.75-77 for T&P 81000s; and 64.78-83 for A&WP, WofA, and GA - at least these, if not any other 10ft to 10ft6in IH 10-panel side boxcars I may have missed.

Additionally, for example, rather than full kits for the 1937 ARR oddities in 18.1-3, they could package just ends, roofs, doors and decals for the Erie 78000s (and the Naval Powder Factory cars) with Buckeye ends and Viking roofs, and for the C&O 5400s with Deco ends, Viking roofs, and Creco doors - plus expand to the rest of the C&O 4000-5400s with Viking roofs, but different ends and doors.

By issuing more cars as Mini-Kits, Sunshine could use decals already bought and on-hand, but cast only the unique parts instead of the entire car kit. Question is, would this make economic sense to the Loftons, given their investments so far in the full kits?

Submitted for your consideration,
Dave Sieber
Reno NV

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This sounds like a reason for Martin to expand AND CATALOG more mini-kits.
In many cases he could also dispense with decals resulting in a minimum
investment for Sunshine. A few resin parts, a one page PDS/instruction
sheet, a plastic bag and a tag. Presto - he's offering the same type of
product available to armor & aircraft modelers. I'm going to mention it to
Martin at Naperville. All you other Napervillers should too.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

The method of taking a BL body kit and mating it with resin parts suitable
for a particular road's car has been done by Sunshine in their Uni-body
series, but as I understand it, could not be continued due to the issue of
having to buy large numbers of kits for a speculative future market.

Elden Gatwood

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