Re: Tangent Scale Models: NEW HO ACF 70-ton welded drop-end Gondola available now!!

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I have to say, this made my, week!

I hope you all take a close look at this car. Dave has worked very hard on
this car, with the goal of producing the finest RTR PRR freight car ever done
in HO scale. I think you will also find the execution of each detail, and
the paint and lettering, to be something not seen in a gondola model before
this, in RTR or even plastic kit form.

While those modeling the PRR will need a number, those not modeling the PRR
should also highly consider at least one. They went everywhere, were very
numerous and popular with shippers. You Wabash and SP guys should also be
very happy!

One Wabash guy is happy to see them. The Wabash cars, 12600-12649
were built by AC&F's Berwick plant in September 1951. While my
modeling focus is the summer months of 1951, I'll definately have a
few of cars even though they might appear a few months before they were built. I think that most of the prototype police are close to
retirement age anyway.

Maybe David and Tangent Scale Models would be a good person to line
up in front of with our UTLX X-3 photos. We could bring some GATX
photos also.

The PRR and SP car also look as good as the Wabash car.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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