Re: Missing links

Tim O'Connor


No one has done a mass production RTR USRA single sheathed box car.
Not that I think they should, but it's strange no one has done it.

A ridiculously desperately needed high quality car is the PRR X31
round roof cars. And the X32 as well. You know, something to go
with all those excellent Red Cabosoe X29's.

A good candidate for a one railroad car would be the SLSF single
sheathed cars, including the cars with replacement steel sheathing.
Those cars got around the country and lasted into the 1970's.

I gave up lobbying for the 1950's PC&F 40 foot plug door reefers.
No one seems interested in the later 1950's... but if anyone does
do it PLEASE do the ends correctly (no one ever has in plastic, resin
or brass) and make them available as separate parts (I need at least
20 pairs of replacement ends)

Tim O'Connor

At 10/23/2009 03:10 PM Friday, you wrote:
Elden,While there are many "missing links" some of the nominees are relatively rare or are examples of regional bias.I was hoping,as a group, we could come up with a list of cars represented by either large numbers or with more universal appeal..Armand Premo.

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