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What is the difference between the G31A, and G31B that Tangent
has just produced? I have a good photo of a Conrail G31A so I'd
like to know if this model is appropriate (and I figure STMFC
members will know if they are different).
Tim, the primary difference is that the G31A were produced by Pullman Standard so therefore have Pullman ends. They do not have the same tie downs on the top chord as the ACF-produced car - G31A have tie downs on the body "side panels". There are some other very subtle variations in the end castings, but that is about it.

I recommend RPCyc Volume 19 for a comprehensive article on this topic. Ed Hawkins and I have been researching these cars together with a few others on this list. Coverage of the Pullman variants are included since the article's subject matter includes welded variations stemming from PRR's original G31 class.

David Lehlbach
Tangent Scale Models

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