Re: Banning of Advertising on Reefers/Interchange Dates

Tom Gloger

First, Guy Wilber <> wrote:

With the discussion of banning advertising on reefers
within the last few months I thought the following
would be of interest...
In 1936, the AAR's Arbitration Committee added a new
paragraph (6) to section (r) of Interchange Rule No. 3
to read as follows:

Refrigerator cars bearing advertisements of any
shipper, consignee or product will not be accepted,
effective January 1, 1937. In Interchange.
--- Then, ian clasper <> wrote:
When was this mandate relaxed ?
My understanding is it was relaxed in 1948, but I think I
got that date from Burlington Bulletin #28, which gave a
date of July 1, 1938, after which cars with the leasee's
name over 12 inches tall could be rejected from interchange
by the receiving road. BB#28 had at least one photo of a
Heinz Billboard reefer taken in 1938. I've never heard the
JANUARY 1937 date before. I'd sure like to know the whole
story, as it directly affects my 1938 railroad.

I think we've already found that the Hills Bros coffee car,
used between the wharf and the roasting plant, was still
in Billboard paint after 1938.

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