Northern Pacific Monad size question

Bill Welch <bwelch@...>

A Will Whittaker photo of NP double sheathed boxcar 12855 photographed in March 1954, with a reweigh date of 10-52, shows the car with the larger Monad or yin/yang symbol and "Main Street of the Northwest" stenciled below it.

My question relates to the application of the monad to the NP's doubled sheathed reefers. Would these reefers, or at least some of them, also had the larger monad by the early fifties. Would they also have received the "Main Street of the Northwest" slogan?

I am getting ready to start painting two "Norwest" reefer models and I am wanting to think about how to decal them using the Microscale set, which includes both sizes but provides no historical information regarding dates of application of the various schemes.

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