Ventilated Box Cars

Bill Welch

The L&N, CofG, SAL and ACL were the largest owners of Vents with about 2000 per fleet at their peak while the N&W, Southern, C&O, and C&WC were much much smaller fleets of 100 to 400 approximately.

Photos of them right behind the locomotive, whether steam or diesel, with a reefer block coupled behind them are fairly easy to find for ACL, SAL, Southern, CofG, etc. north bound.

Southern "white" land grant universities of the day, Clemson, Univ. of Florida, Univ. of Georgia, etc. hosted periodic "Short Courses" where advances in plant hybridizing for better shipping characteristics were shared plus how to load certain perishables to try to reduce damage and losses were discussed. For example, it was found that by loading the "Congo" variety perpendicular rather then length wise resulted in fewer losses. Tomatoes were a tricky vegetable to ship.

Bill Welch

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