Re: CG Ventilated Box Cars - Watermellon Service

S. Busch

Lee Gautreaux asks about wandering watermelon loaded CofG ventilated cars, and modeling watermelon loads. For whatever it may be worth, as a kid I remember climbing aboard an open, recently emptied "watermelon car" back in the early to mid 1950's. This was on the team track in Bellmore, on the south shore of New York's Long Island. Don't know if it was ACL or CofG though, but watermelons in cars from roads down South did get up North. I never tried modeling watermelons, but I remember the car floor was covered with straw, and there were pieces of damaged watermelons left aboard. In fact, I bought one of those same CofG cars myself, to load it with watermelons! I'm also very interested in ideas for the watermelons.

Steve Busch
Duncan, SC

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