Re: Proto 2000 8K tanks cars - are arch bars possible?

Dean Payne

The only 10K type 21 car I have is SUN OILS! And... it's already built! (One of Life's Little Victories) I'll have to make the truck swap pronto! I'll also need to backdate to K brakes, so I'm not done yet... Then I can think about starting on the UTLX cars.

Dean Payne

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Dean: Kaminski's ACF tank car book shows numerous ACF Type 21's on archbars.
One model that I know P2k did was SUN OILS. However, I believe the UTLX cars
were acquired second hand when UTLX purchased other fleets, later in life so
I don't know if they would still have had arch bars then. Heck the UTLX car
you have could actually be out of your era since you model pre-40. I am sure
Richard Hendrickson will have more information.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY

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I have a couple of P2K tank cars (8,000 gallons) to build, and was thinking
they might be a good way to show off the Tahoe arch bar trucks, with
semi-scale wheels. These are in the UTLX 77,000-series, but they say "built
5-20", so I don't know whether they were built with arch bars or had cast
sideframe trucks. If not, would any other commonly available tank cars have
been delivered with arch bars? I model prior to the 1940 arch bar ban, of

Dean Payne

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