Re: Wine Tank Cars

Rod Miller

I'll look forward to that issue even more than usual!

Thank you Richard.


Richard Hendrickson wrote:

On Oct 26, 2009, at 5:40 PM, Anthony Thompson wrote:

Rod Miller wrote:
Directly behind the loco are at least two (the center two) wine tank
cars. It isn't possible to see if the first car has additional
domes. I suspect all four are a block of wine cars.
There were single-dome wine cars as well as multiple-dome cars.

If someone knows where I can find out more about wine transport by
rail (beyond Jim Lancaster's Chateau
Martin site and what has been discussed here previously), I'd
appreciate them letting me know.
Richard Hendrickson may want to chime in here--because I
know he's preparing to give a clinic at Naperville ENTIRELY about wine
tank cars, and a written version of it will be published in due course.
Correct. My clinic on wine tank cars has more than fifty photos of such cars. In fact, the opening photo is the one Rod cites of the SP yard at Fresno, where I count about forty wine tank cars in that one view. After I present the clinic at Naperville and then again at Cocoa Beach, all of the photos and an expanded version of the text in the handout will go to Ed and Pat at RPC for a future edition of Railway Prototype Cyclopedia.
Richard Hendrickson
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