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The CPR had quite a few of the 46' cars. 800 straight-sided cars with a "fishbelly" underframe were built by Canadian Car and Foundry in 1937, series 300000 to 300799. Train Shed Cyclopedia #46 has a general arrangement drawing of these cars on page 197, and a photo of CP 300053 on page 203, fig. 189.

CN had 300 46' flat cars with "fishbelly" side sills built April/May, 1929, (Swain series C-1) in the 660200 to 660499 series.

CN also had 49 46' straight side sill flat cars built in August, 1937 to the CPR design that appears in the aforementioned Train Shed Cyclopedia. (Swain series D-1) were in the 660500-6660543 series, and (Swain series D-2) were in the 660544-660548 series. CN data is from a CN Lines Vol. 5/3 article by Stafford Swain. CN Lines Vol. 5/4 had an article by Stafford on modelling these cars.

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Steve Lucas.

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Hi Ed and List Members,

Looking thru my TCS#46 (1931 CBC), I find photos of the following 45-46 foot flat cars:

CP (number not readable) (46 foot)
C&NW 42597 (46 foot)
IC 61078 (45 foot)
L&N 24560 (46 foot 9 1/4 in)

- Claus Schlund

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