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Robert kirkham

Thanks for pointing out this interesting photo Steve. It had certainly travelled far! It is suprising how infrequently one sees a photo of a US railway boxcar spotted in an out-of-the way spot like Houston, although the fact it sits on the CNR main line may be the explanation. The pity is we can't tell if it is stopping here to load or unload, or just set off as bad order. I expect someone familiar with the trackage at Houston would have a better sense of what is going on.

My own informal studies of off-line cars in the Vancouver area from the 10's through 50's has led my to conclude that NYC boxcars may be statistically over-represented compared to other lines. I hope to have some time to look into it in more detail in the future. But my current impression from viewing yard photos is that the PRR is hardly evident - I may have two shots showing PRR boxcars here. The UP is almost non-existent - I have one shot prior to 1950. The B&O - I think I have reference info on two cars. But NYC, I've seen several cars. It's led me to wonder whether the NYC connection to the CPR via the TH&B (or some other connection) may have had an impact, but I don't know enough to go beyond formulating the question.

This is also an interesting find in light of comments on the Canadian Model Trains forum last week about the comparitive infrequency of US owned rolling stock in small town Canada during most of the steam era. Each photo of this type helps incrementally improve our sense of how things were....

Rob Kirkham
Surrey, B.C.

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On the CN main line in Houston, BC, summer 1950.--;id=37

Steve Lucas.

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