Re: Tangent G-70-12 for other classes

Ed Hawkins

On Nov 2, 2009, at 7:36 AM, jjgotrox wrote:


It's been well established that the new Tangent AC&F gon is accurate
for SP's G-70-12 class, but are there any significant differences
between the G-70-12 and the -8 class?
The bodies of the cars were identical. The G-70-8 cars built in 1951
were originally painted black with white stencils. Technically, the
Tangent model is actually more accurate for the G-70-8 because these
prototype cars came with U.S. Gypsum brake steps that the model
replicates nicely. The G-70-12 cars had Kerrigan brake steps, which
were a rectangular open grid similar to Apex Tri-Lok. In addition to
coverage of these SP gondola cars in Tony's book, RP CYC Vol. 19 has a
comprehensive 53-page article covering all prototype cars in which the
model was based (PRR G31B and other copies built by AC&F), including
similar riveted cars and others having steel floors.
Ed Hawkins

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