New models was Re: Naperville

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

The new B&O WT box car is a real piece of work. I hesitated to buy one, because I'd like to shed my Sunshine and F&C models first. Besides the flat door was not available with this first batch of kits. I thought the SAL gon was a real beauty too and may yet buy one.

Come to Trainfest in Milwaukee in a couple weeks and maybe sell me a couple kits <VBG>

I also bought the new Tangent Gon. I was very tempted to buy the undec and order some of the Archer rivets to make a different class car. Anyone else have this idea? I picked up my RP Cyc from Ed at the show which has an article on these cars. I saw Ed presentation too, which gave me the idea. Are there decals that will work for these cars?

Clark Propst

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