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Eldon, yes the new B&O model in the M53. If there are a ton of rivets on the other class of Tangent gon, I guess I'm glad I chose the RTR gondola then. I was just thinking of putting a row on each side to the side stakes. One doesn't thnk clearly Saturday morning in the sales room : )
Thanks for the Pennsy decal advice.
Clark Propst

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>The new B&O WT box car is a real piece of work. I hesitated to buy one,
because I'd like to shed my Sunshine and F&C models first. Besides the flat
door was not available with this first batch of kits. I thought the SAL gon
was a real beauty too and may yet buy one.

The M-53?

Come to Trainfest in Milwaukee in a couple weeks and maybe sell me a couple
kits <VBG>
I also bought the new Tangent Gon. I was very tempted to buy the undec and
order some of the Archer rivets to make a different class car. Anyone else
have this idea?

I had that same idea, but you should see all the rivets!

I picked up my RP Cyc from Ed at the show which has an article on these
cars. I saw Ed presentation too, which gave me the idea. Are there decals
that will work for these cars?

You can do either PRR G31C or G31E using an undec and bashing the ends on the
latter. Middle Division had several sets that could be used. The Champ sets
are not so good. You could also use Al Westerfield's sets, with some mods.

Elden Gatwood

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