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I am totally confused with the various subclasses, welded, rivets, reverse dreadnaught, obverse dreadnaught ends, 2 gussets or 7 gussets, wood floor, NSF, etc. because on close examination of the Tangent box it is clearly stated that the all new model is a "DROP BOTTOM" gondola!!!! [NOT] ProtoPolice, Hello?

J. Greedy

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Lee Gautreaux wrote:
It's been well established that the new Tangent AC&F gon is accurate
for SP's G-70-12 class, but are there any significant differences
between the G-70-12 and the -8 class? They appear to be identical
designs with wood floors and drop ends. Also, I know that the
G-70-16 class differs in steel floor vs. wood floor and the strapped
ends. Are the any other differences that you can tell?
The G-70-16 is certainly similar, but it has a different end
(look at the topmost and bottom ribs), including a wheeled hand brake,
and lacks the little tie-down loops on the top chord of the sides.
It's also a fixed-end car, thus lacking the heavy corner posts of the
drop-end cars, and doesn't have the tall end sill of the G-70-8 and
-12 cars. The Tangent model could certainly stand in for a G-70-16 but
to my eye would be significantly different.

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