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The new B&O WT box car is a real piece of work. I hesitated to buy one,
because I'd like to shed my Sunshine and F&C models first. Besides the flat
door was not available with this first batch of kits. I thought the SAL gon
was a real beauty too and may yet buy one.

The M-53?
Yes, WrightTRAK showed a brand new tooled M53/M53A. This is THE most accruate B&O wagontop car done to date. IT will be featured on the front page of our website starting tomorrow, when Gary gets home. Retail price is 49.95 with a 5% discount for 3 cars and a 10% discount for 5 or more cars. Shipping is going to be a flat $6.50 up to 5 cars. The decals for the car were done with the assistance of the B&O Historical Society and cover the life span of the car. Also, watch for a flat panel and a Creco door in the near future.

Denis Blake
Marketing Director
WrightTRAK Railroad Models, LLC

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