We can custom produce your EJ&E box car decals?

Bob McCarthy

     We can custom produce any decal required in any scale if there is a sharp image and a known dimension of the car or locomotive.
     You will receive a quote on a minimum order that consists of art cost for creating the decal artwork.  Then you will be provided the each price for one car which is based on a minimum of one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet.  The price of the sheet would be divided by the number of copies of the decal in question that can be placed upon the sheet.
    Please send an email attachement of your desired decal to thesupplycar@yahoo.com
for quote.  Given you mention various color combinations, please provide a well registered color image of each version that you want.
Bob McCarthy
803-429-1811  1000-2000 Hrs EST Daily

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Does anyone out there know of a source for the EJ&E "Billboard" box car -
orange over green, green over orange, all green with orange lettering or all
orange with green lettering, in HO? I have a Sunshine mini-kit that I
desperately would like to do in a post-54 paint scheme...

Also, I understand the earliest green box cars on the EJ&E happened right
after delivery of their Baldwin DT 6-6-20 center cab diesels, which was in
what year? And is this a true statement?

Thanks all,

Elden Gatwood

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